Making history is one thing. Looking into the future is the other.

Dr.-Ing. Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder

Helmut Dinkelacker

The engineering office was founded by Dr Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder and Helmut Dinkelacker in Sindelfingen in 1980.

The company developed dynamically with outstanding projects such as the Landeskreditbank LKB in Stuttgart and the university in Ulm on the Oberer Eselsberg. When the branch in Dresden was opened in 1996, the number of employees had already increased to over 30.

After the turn of the millennium, long-term employees Rüdiger Pflughaupt and Klaus Schäfer became the managing partners of Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH und Co KG.

As a recognised test engineer for construction engineering, Klaus Schäfer has succeeded 2003 Dr. Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder, in this function since 2003, the latter having ended his work at the company and in the management at the end of 2008 at the age of 70.

Jochen Salmen another long-term employee, was appointed as a member of management in 2010, with participation as a shareholder following in 2011.

With the appointment of Dr. Jan Schütt into the management team at the start of 2013 and his approval as a test engineer for construction engineering in 2016, the course was further set towards the future. At the end of 2013, the 2nd founder of the company, Helmut Dinkelacker, ended his active career as a creative mind and passionate engineer at the company.

Over the years, non-everyday, technically challenging solutions to striking construction projects became MVD’s trademark. Whether pre-tensioned structures, rope frames or surface structures made of plastic foils – reliably planned and functional.